SPECIAL MUSIC SERVICE – Sunday, November 6, 2022 - Archived

While all of our Sunday services are special, this one will be special in so many ways!  Joining us will be two Bellingham, WA friends, Kevin and Genia Allen-Schmid.  Kevin is the Music Director at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship and Genia is the Director of Lifelong Learning.  There will be an abundance of wonderful music with many familiar musical guests joining the Spirits.  The theme of the service is a sharing of stories and songs from both Bellingham and Hawaii with a particular focus on things we have in common:  the sea, the sea animals, and canoes.

The service will be Intergenerational, YES! our keiki will be welcome throughout the service (the nursery will also be available for anyone preferring to be there).  Not only that, there will be important jobs for them to do.  Please let me know if your child(ren) would be interested in helping out.  Older kids, too!

Please join us and if you are willing and able, please consider joining us in person for a much improved musical experience.  Arrive early, by 9:50 for the prelude music, a trio for piano, cello and flute.

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