Speaker: Rev. T. J. FitzGerald

A Life Lived

On this special Sundy we remember the first meeting of our community, and we remember all those who have passed on this year while brightening our lives for so long.

For Our Life

On this National Coming Out Day Sunday, we lift up the bravery of those who have forsaken comfort or safety to show others a new way of being.


In My Life

On this special Sunday we bless those lives of different species that we share with our own and we remember the power of communities in our lives.

Remaking Perfection


On this most sacred day when we welcome new members and recall the ancient traditions of Yom Kippur, we consider what it takes to remake that which needs mending and when we can do that.

What We Keep

Promises we make to one another are at the heart of building a life of meaning. This Sunday we will look together and what making and keeping promises means to each one of us.

Workers of the World


Labor and the way we work stands at the center of so much of our productivity. How do we know if we are working as we should? And what does it cost us if we are not? We will look together at labor this Labor … read more.

When It Doesn’t Matter

The essence of transformation is present in worship. For Unitarian Universalists, our learning, our justice, and then how these come together when we come together, is at the heart of our faith.

When I’m Right

As a faith we try always to be on the right side of history and the right side of the day. A justice seeking people will do this. How does justice work combine with our learning to breed righteousness?

When I’m Wrong

Learning is essential to any life of faith. Sometimes we learn by simply adding new information. But other more painful ways of learning involve being wrong and learning what to do about it.

Pardon the Disruption

From time to time in the lives of so many, disruption changes our plans. This month we consider what disruption might mean to us in our daily lives and our lives of faith. Is it a blessing or a curse? And how do we know … read more.

Cup of Kindness


On this Stonewall Sunday we remember and celebrate the power of a generation that united under a banner of shared suffering to force a culture to change, to grow, and to love.

You can download the Order of Service here: 20-06-28 Cup of Kindness.

Awful Grace

Grace is something we ask for, something we say, something we offer. We look together about the cost and the value of grace in our own lives and the life of The Beloved Community.

Question Box 2020

It’s that time of year again. If you have any questions at all about church, life, faith, understanding, misunderstanding, or baseball (or any other topic), email your question to Rev. T. J. by June 3 and he will cover it in his sermon this day.

The Next Generation

The voyage we are all on together is remarkable. We will talk plainly this Sunday about what it takes to usher in a new age for our church and for our community on this Stewardship Sunday.

In the Silence

On this day of remembrance of the Holocaust, we consider how of history of silence in the face of great evil presents the constant work of our liberal faith to speak truth to power and never to forget.

A Church Universal

In a time when we realize how connected the world really is, we take a moment to reflect on the meanings of celebrations like Easter, Oestara, and the turning of the seasons.

Home on the Hill

Is a church a building? Is it where you are physically? We will talk a little about what makes a house a home and what makes a people a church this Sunday from our own homes.


The information to attend by Zoom is here. If you … read more.

Ode to Joy


Our congregation repeats often its mission, “boldly growing, compassion, justice, and joy.” On this Sunday we will look together at what joy can mean and what it needs to thrive. Come and look more deeply at the way this congregation acts in the world.