Speaker: Rev. T. J. FitzGerald

Where We’re Bound

Journeys we take in this life teach us so much. Along the way we receive guidance and support. Let’s celebrate together the ways this shared journey has changed us all and how we will help a hurting world together in the future in this grand … read more.

For Our Lives

It seems so much of what we rely on is shifting right now. In this time together we will remember and honor what unites us and consider what ways forward can feel like.

Won’t Be Too Long

On this special Sunday we remember the mothers and the mothering we’ve received from the people in our lives and from the natural world around us. We also celebrate the incredible contributions of Stevie Wonder to the worlds of music and culture ahead of his … read more.

One Fond Embrace

On this special day, Lei Day, we will reflect on the importance of the promises we make to one another and how the very best of us is shared with the world.

The Only Constant

Many say in life that the only constant is change. This Sunday we discuss changes and the spiritual gifts available to us all to face change.

Heart of the Matter

Courage is one of the noblest qualities we can have. How we practice it in times like these is a challenge. Together we will uncover some of the ways we can find and offer courage where we least expect it.

To Be Present

How others receive our presence is important. How we receive another’s presence is equally important. On this Sunday we will explore the work of welcome and all it can mean and the life and legacy of the amazing Hon. Patsy Mink.

All About Eve

We celebrate Women’s Futures and History this month. This Sunday we will discuss the ways that feminine icons shape our world and our relationships and what this could mean for our shared future.

Next to Holiness

As some of us draw nearer to the church building, we consider the ways we are near to the holy. What makes us feel closer to or farther from the divine?

Cost of Freedom

We will consider together the costs of merits of freedom this Sunday. As a free faith we have many of our own feelings about freedom, but how do these feelings turn into convictions in the wider world? We’ll discuss together.

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Take My Hand

On this special Sunday we remember the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Come join us to celebrate the many gifts of his ministry to the world.

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Round Yon Season

This is the time when so many faiths shine so brightly in our midst. We will reflect on how this season impacts many of us and what its many facets hold for so many around the world.

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Being Alive

We celebrate so much as a faith community: anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, milestones, lives. We will consider the ways we celebrate together this Sunday. Join us.

Running on Faith

Faith can be a lot of things to a lot of people: a tradition, a belief, a way to see the world. Today we will look together at what faith means to us. And we will welcome a special musical guest, too!

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Remember Me

Many of us wonder how we will be remembered. On this special day we remember those who died in the past year as well as the way our community was born. Join us and remember with us.

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