Speaker: Rev. T. J. FitzGerald

A Strange Land

On this Easter service, we will be talking about the influx of migrants at the borders and about how welcome is not just a practice, but something that saves lives when we are in a strange land.

Let’s Get It


On this equinox Sunday, we will welcome new members and consider the ways that new life in the midst of us all changes our community forever and for the better.

I Don’t Get It

There are times when things we hear or ideas we’ve had don’t make sense anymore. This is part of learning. This Sunday we will look at how new ideas coming up sometimes have to replace the old ones.

I Get It


The idea of new life and rising again after death is one that is very ancient. On this Sunday we’ll consider some of these beliefs and how they shape who we are as a community.

If You Can


One of the things many Unitarian Universalist communities face is the challenge of attracting a wider and wider range of people with a wider and wider range of backgrounds. We will explore how soul work can help with this as we work together.

At Last


This Sunday we will begin our reflections on some of the inspiring lives that have shaped all of our lives as we celebrate and deepen our understanding of Black History.

All the Pieces


In a month when we are looking at the theme of Brokenness, we consider what really happens when things fall apart…and how we put them together again.

Lead Me Home

On this important day we remember the life and the ministry of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And we reflect on some of the ways he touched the life of these islands. And Board Member, Jackie Burke helps us to remember the overthrow of the … read more.

Good Grief


The great utterance of the sage, Charlie Brown “good grief” reminds us of what this time of year can hold for many of us. Alongside celebration comes grief for many of us. But what does grief offer us?

A Simple Idea


In this month, we will consider the spiritual theme of Simplicity. What does something simple mean to us and how does a faith grow with simplicity in a world that seems so complex? Maybe we need a simple idea.

Side Show



This Sunday before a meal that will look very different for many, we look together at the main attractions we have in life and the side shows we also love.

You may also want to watch the song I refer to throughout the sermon, hopefully before watching … read more.

Holding Space


In times of pain and times of discernment, we often speak of holding space. Together we will consider what that means to each on of us.

A New Day

As a people, as a nation brace for historical decisions, we consider what new days offer each one of us in our lives.

A Life Lived


On this special Sunday we remember the first meeting of our community, and we remember all those who have passed on this year while brightening our lives for so long.

For Our Life

On this National Coming Out Day Sunday, we lift up the bravery of those who have forsaken comfort or safety to show others a new way of being.


In My Life

On this special Sunday we bless those lives of different species that we share with our own and we remember the power of communities in our lives.

Remaking Perfection


On this most sacred day when we welcome new members and recall the ancient traditions of Yom Kippur, we consider what it takes to remake that which needs mending and when we can do that.

What We Keep

Promises we make to one another are at the heart of building a life of meaning. This Sunday we will look together and what making and keeping promises means to each one of us.