Speaker: Rev. T. J. FitzGerald

The Greatest Adventure

What was your greatest adventure? Was it a trip? Was it a new way of living? What did it hold for you? We will explore some of these questions as we look together at some of the answers to the question: What is the greatest … read more.

There You Are

No matter how far we go or how remote our adventure, the same thing is always with us. Together we will explore what it means to take ourselves—our whole selves—with us, wherever we go.

Wherever You Go

Some of us go on adventures all the time. Some of us prefer to keep to the familiar. But sometimes we end up on adventures we could never see coming. We will reflect together on what our adventures reveal to us.

A Magic Lane

So much of reverence in the history of faith has to do with where we worship. We will explore together how lives of faith are built and where best to place a faith foundation.

The Only Question

In this special service, we will ask questions and seek truth and meaning from the responses. Sometimes our lifelong search for truth and meaning is better with company.


In the end, after all the promise making and promise keeping, what’s really in it of us? What happens when we deliver on our promises to others and when they deliver on their promises to us?



So much of staying in relationship is keeping our word to others. On this Mother’s Day, we consider those nurturing relationships in our lives and how living up to our word can help to heal, and help to seal, our most important relationship.



It is an honor to offer others our care, our service, and our friendship. As we look together at the theme of covenant, we will explore an essential element of a covenant, an offer, and what it means to a community like our own.

Wholly One

This month we look together at the spiritual theme of incarnation. Theologies tracing the body and its form abound through time and across the globe. We will kick off stewardship season once more and look together at what being whole means…and what it doesn’t.

Giving Up

One of my favorite books is one of those collections of essays by David Sedaris. I know, I know, so original Rev. T. J.—you and the rest of the world. But the collection I like the best is the one called Me Talk Pretty One … read more.

Wholly One

When the earth was still flat
And clouds made of fire
And mountains stretched up to the sky, sometimes higher,
Folks roamed the earth
Like big rolling kegs.
They had two sets of arms,
They had two sets of legs,
They had two faces peering,
… read more.

Before the Storm

Hurricanes can be fun. I learned this at a young age. In the early eighties, I was living with my family in Connecticut in a house where only the main road and a creepy old graveyard, with a gate too hard to operate without pinching … read more.

After the Rains

Have you ever been at the beach, when the waves are so forbidding that the farthest you want to wade in is about to your ankles, maybe your calves? On Thursday afternoon at Waimea, the waves were like that. I was actually there long enough … read more.

Remaking History

A few weeks ago, visiting with my family, we realized that my niece and nephew had never seen the movie Groundhog Day. Now, for those of you who don’t know this movie, it’s an Andie MacDowell classic. Bill Murray is also noted for his performance. … read more.

The Way of Strength

Think about the strongest person you know. Really get that person in your mind. Is it someone with lots of muscles? Someone who can do thirty pull-ups? Maybe someone who has done an Iron Man? Maybe it is Iron Man. Or did you think about … read more.

A Faith of Action

On this Sunday we will share worship with one of our most active partners in addressing the pressing social justice concerns on these islands. Faith Action has a long relationship with our community, and their new Executive Director, Christy MacPherson offers a great deal to … read more.

Eccentricity in Excelsis

I heard a woman say once that she was a little crazy. No one around her laughed. Everyone just kind of looked at her uncomfortably. Maybe they were wondering whether she was OK, or if she might do something unexpected, or something…well…crazy. But she didn’t. … read more.

Oceans of Blue

What a blessing to have a reminder of the holiness a night can hold. I remember many winters when I looked forward to hearing that song belted out by a couple who sang for the New York Metropolitan Opera but lived in my hometown during … read more.

Fire of Commitment

Around this time of year, I always remember learning about one of the first worship services I would get to lead as a real, grown-up minister. It was a few years ago, as a ministerial intern. And one of the first things that happened in … read more.