Speaker: Rev. T. J. FitzGerald

Being Alive

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We celebrate so much as a faith community: anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, milestones, lives. We will consider the ways we celebrate together this Sunday. Join us.

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Running on Faith

Faith can be a lot of things to a lot of people: a tradition, a belief, a way to see the world. Today we will look together at what faith means to us. And we will welcome a special musical guest, too!

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Remember Me

Many of us wonder how we will be remembered. On this special day we remember those who died in the past year as well as the way our community was born. Join us and remember with us.

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Casting Colors

On this special Sunday we consider all the many beautiful ways that the world uses and observes prayer. Our Worship Team and other congregants will contribute prayerful elements and reflections on this special day to highlight the diversity of prayer in our midst.

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All That We Are

Prayer is said by some to be the act of being yourself in the presence of the divine. Others have ways of praying that comfort them. And still others don’t think prayer is all that helpful. On this Sunday we will explore some of the … read more.

Together Again

Our three-week look at forgiveness will end with a look at how we really can come together again. No matter what we may see, what we may feel, what we may fear, there is always a way for us to come together again. And at … read more.

Forgive Again

Even after new beginnings or new starts, we make mistakes. Forgiveness calls us to deeper questions than simply who was wrong and who is right. We examine some of these questions together this Sunday.

Begin Again

We remember the ancient practices of atonement and forgiveness practiced at the time of Yom Kippur this Sunday. What is it that we hold? What won’t we release? How free are we really? Let’s gather and reflect together.

The Flame We Tend

What do we do with the flames we have, the flames we tend? How do we hold together in these times? And how do we seek to build together The Beloved Community? We will answer these questions and more this Sunday.

Spark of Life

In this month working with the theme of kindness, we consider the ways we share a common root, a common ancestor, a common way of caring in this community. And we reflect on what share in common.


We Go Together

This month we reflect on the theme of Kindness. We will begin our month with wondering what more Kindness can mean to each one of us and how it might have the power to change our lives and the world around us.

Homeward Bound

After some time away, Rev. T. J. will reflect on what it means to be home again and upon what the meaning of travel holds for those who venture far and wide.