Speaker: Rev. Mykal Slack

May the Force Be With You

We all want an opportunity to be in the kinds of relationships that make way for our most authentic, brightest and best selves to show up. Sometimes, we do that with one another well, and sometimes we don’t. It’s not about being nice or good. … read more.

It’s the Question[s] That Drive Us

Rev. Mykal, our Summer Minister, has heard our requests for time to ask more questions, and worship seemed like a perfect space and time to go a little deeper! On this “Ask the Minister” Sunday, he will be responding to questions about his summer sermon … read more.

Living a Theology of Disruption

The only way to liberation for all our people is to embody a transformational Unitarian Universalism – that is, to be willing to interrupt the usual course of things and be open to the changes that building a new way may bring to your heart, … read more.

The Living Is In the Searching

The ebbs and flows of this life can be jarring to the body, mind, and spirit. And a willingness to be moved by care-filled attention to the direction of the wind, as jarring as it may be, can be the most life-giving thing we can do for … read more.