Speaker: Rev. Jay Atkinson

UUs and Process/Relational Theology

In this session, I’ll offer an overview of process thought as a philosophical, metaphysical, and theological system, and explore some of the reasons why process/relational theology appeals so strongly to our UU sensibility as a congenial way to think about evolution, cosmology, spirituality, interdependence, and … read more.

Ecojustice and the Human Spirit

Care for our planet seems to be on shaky ground these days, with denial of climate change and rapacious use of fossil fuels claiming strong influence in the new federal administration. The coming years raise challenges that are spiritual, moral, legal, and economic. What are … read more.

“Living by Liberal Faith”

UU theologian Paul Rasor says that our liberal religious tradition “is not for the faint of heart,” suggesting that Unitarian Universalism offers a challenging pathway not always easy to follow. It’s one thing to call ourselves “liberals” or to profess liberal beliefs, but what does … read more.

“How Dr. King Saved Us from Sin”

The UU tradition has not always stood as clearly on the side of social and economic justice as we do today.  There are some pretty embarrassing skeletons in our UU closet, and we have Martin Luther King to thank for helping to pull our religious … read more.