Speaker: Carol Amos

Purpose Driven Man

Muhammad Ali was driven by his conviction not kill anyone. He chose not to fight in a war that he was not personally in battle. He did not escape to Canada or hide from the government.

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Broken Systems


This Sunday we examined the treatment of marginalized people and how it differs from white Americans within the varied systems of a nation. Join us as we continue looking at our spiritual theme of Soul Work and as we celebrate together the history of the … read more.

What You Don’t Know


Come and share a lesson about investigating everything we are told regarding everything–it’s always more than what’s being revealed. This is where the soul work comes in place for us to grow, and be the best we can be.

Everything Must Change


Come an join in this celebration and this learning about the unparalleled contributions to the Unitarian Universalist movement by those who identify as black and/or African-American.