Social Justice Corner January 19, 2021 - Archived

A Great Way to Be Heard by our Representatives!
By Nancy Young and Matt Geyer
The Faith Action Environmental Task force has put together a bill called Carbon Cashback.
Help us tackle environmental and economic justice at the same time by writing postcards to Hawaii State Senators and Representatives in support of “Carbon Cashback”, the program that creates a local stimulus payment paid for by a fee on imported fossil fuels.
Members have been meeting with our state legislators and have received much interest. The bill would provide a financial benefit to the vast majority of low income residents.
To help legislators know that we have back up and interest from the public, the Social Justice Council is planning to send out 1500 postcards to them.
On January 26 we will meet to plan the announcement on the postcards. The cards come in sets of four. The person writing and addressing each card will separate the cards which come attached and will provide postcard stamps for them. In the past writers have each taken thirty cards to write. As shown by high voter turnout following other postcard writing campaigns, they can have an impact.  If you are interested in attending the planning meeting or writing cards with us, please e-mail Nancy at Thank you.
Carbon Cashback is a win for the environment and a win for Hawaii’s low income residents.
For more information please contact Nancy or visit

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