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Social Justice Corner, November 25, 2020

Our focus is criminal justice reform in Hawai’i and the reallocation of state funds/energy from building a $500 million dollar jail to much needed community resources such as mental health care, rehabilitation, education, and housing. Please share widely with your network so that we can boost our following and community reach.

  • Half of our plate donations are going to the Food Bank during the months of October and November and the need is dire.  Thank you if you can help or have helped. From Honolulu Civil Beat, Thursday, November 24: 

“New data from Feeding America, a national hunger relief organization, projects that Hawaii’s food insecurity rate will increase by about 50% to nearly 233,000 people in 2020 compared with 2018 because of the effects from COVID-19.  That’s more than 80,000 people deemed newly unable to provide enough food to live an active, healthy life — up from about 151,000 people out of 1.4 million in Hawaii in 2018.”  

  • A Moment For Gratitude   

Social Justice Council would like to thank this amazing congregation for writing 4,750 postcards to counter voter suppression in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia for the organization ReClaim Our Vote.  Wow.  And thanks to David and Junko Davis for helping select this organization which seeks to counter the long history of voter suppression experienced by people of color, especially in the South.  Additionally, a big thanks to Linda Eger and Beth Fox who helped organize 44,570 ReClaim Our Vote postcards for the state of Hawaii.  The handwritten postcards and letters to increase voter turnout by organizations like ReClaim Our Vote and VoteForward made a difference.   

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