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  • We are up and running! If you have not already, please like and follow the new Social Justice Council & ADORE facebook page:

“Hawaii Justice Action Now”

Our focus is criminal justice reform in Hawai’i and the reallocation of state funds/energy from building a $500 million dollar jail to much needed community resources such as mental health care, rehabilitation, education, and housing. Please share widely with your network so that we can boost our following and community reach.

  • The Social Justice Council will be providing sack lunches for approximately 40 houseless individuals at the Kailua Service Care Event on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 from 10:00am to noon. The event is located throughout the parking lots of Windward YMCA and the adjoining Daybreak Church. As we get closer to the date, we will put a call out for donations of clothing, toiletries, and other hygiene items.


  • We need more postcards writers: ReClaim Our Vote recruited us to write another 1500 postcards for the senate runoff elections in Georgia.  We’ve found writers for 1100, with 400 unassigned.  They will be available in multiples of 30 and are due to mail Dec 7.  To sign up, please email or stay tuned after church Nov 22.  Postcards can be picked up after church November 22 (3-5 pm).  (packets include postcards, script, and addresses, but you’ll need to order or purchase postcard stamps)   


  • Want to do more to help Georgia residents vote in January’s runoff? [h/t Spread the Vote]

Georgia requires ID to vote, but some cannot afford to get it. Spread the Vote is assisting people in obtaining IDs in time to vote in the upcoming run-off.


  • SJC Top Picks (what we’re reading, watching, listening to…)

Hilary recommends: Americans of Conscience Checklist , by Jen Hoffman, a list of clear, well-researched actions in support of things we can all agree on (Democracy, Voting access, Equality for all Americans, Basic respect for aspiring Americans).  The link to donate to Georgians to help them get IDs to vote came from this checklist.  Along with action items, it also includes good news.  We could all use some good news right now, yes?  Here you go: 

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