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Interested in learning more about how people in our community are helping to make the world a better place?  Please see this doc First Unitarian Social Justice Activities summarizing current activities and ways to get involved.


Time for action!  Legislation that would pay people to improve the environment and mitigate climate change has been introduced in Congress and in the Hawaii legislature-Senate Bill SB2732 and House Bill HB2278 (Carbon Cashback). Putting a gradual rising tax on fossil fuels coming into our economy and passing along the collected money to our residents is a strategy that will help us transition to cleaner energy and transportation.  Pricing is a powerful solution as it incentivizes a system-wide change in consumer behavior.

Want to support this bill to encourage residents to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels and save money? Call or write your State Senator and Representatives today to ask them to support it (find your legislator here).

Learn more about carbon pricing in Noel Morin’s excellent civil beat piece here.

For questions or to get involved, email Matt at


From UUs for Social Justice E News.

Dereliction of Duty: What is most tragic in the Senate’s failure to clear the way for the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is what’s going on at the state level.

  • In 2021, 19 states passed more than 34 laws undermining the freedom to vote (purging voters from the rolls and enacting strict voter ID requirements; restrict access by limiting early voting options and reducing the number of polling places in predominantly Black, Brown, and Native communities; increase the prospects of election sabotage by allowing trusted election officials to be replaced with partisan actors, therefore, increasing the chance that every vote won’t be respected or consequently counted properly)
  • The cost of this Senate inaction and dereliction of duty represents a real and present danger for our individual liberty to partake in our own political destiny. For example, last year, Texas moved quickly to enact new anti-voter laws, placing its legislature at the center of the controversy. So much so, that state lawmakers came to Washington D.C. to explain what was happening to their federal counterparts. A year later, residents are experiencing the results. Up to half of the vote-by-mail applications are being rejected in some counties because of the new restrictions. 
  • To learn more about the Texas experience, its implications for all of us, join UUSJ on February 17th when we host the “State Of Our U.S. Democracy: A UU View From The Texas Legislature,” with Texas State Representative Donna Howard, D-48 (Austin).


NET ZERO OR BUST: Getting to Green at UUC Fairfax: Revisioning our Relationship to Power and Energy, February 2, Program 7:30-8:30 PM ET, Meeting 8:30-9:00 PM ET

Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 873 5743 1768    Passcode: 763466

For the last 5 years, UU Church of Fairfax (VA) has been working on projects to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. Those interested in learning more, including case studies, are invited to this Webinar. The event will explore past successes and current challenges. Key energy questions will be addressed.

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