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Calendar items:

– Friday Dec 10: Climate Protest at the Hawai’i State Capitol Building, 4-5 pm.  Huge thanks to Matt Geyer for his dedication in helping to organize these events.  Please save the date for the Dec 17th Climate Protest as well (more details coming).

– Friday Dec 10: Red Hill Protests at the Hawai`i State Capitol from 3-5pm. For information go to Hawaii Peace and Justice or Ann Wright on social media.

Monday Dec 13: a local Zoom Discussion of Refuse Fascism’s National Podcast Episode 87, interview with Carol Anderson: White Supremacy and the Second Amendment at 7pm. Everyone who has listened or read the interview is invited. To join send an e-mail to to request the link.

Sunday Dec 19: SJC Congregational Sharing, 11:30 am. Individual members are asked to share Social Justice issues and Volunteer Opportunities that they are involved in or have an interest in. The goal is to find out what others are doing (or want to do) and discover opportunities to form partnerships/friendships to make things happen.


Other actions:

– Information about Red Hill: see Sierra Club’s web page on Red Hill, recent articles in Civil Beat and an article on the history and status of Red Hill in Flux (with excellent illustrations).
 Sign a petition to shut down Red Hill here.

– Are you outraged that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and wondering why protest is so muted? Don’t miss this week’s Podcast Episode 88 (The State of Fascism Denial + The Fight for Abortion Rights). 


From “Americans of Conscience Checklist” by Jen Hoffman…

-Oppose censorship in libraries. Please contact your local school board (look up). Script: Hi, I’m a resident of [SCHOOL DISTRICT] and I’m opposed to banning books. The American Library Association reports a nationwide increase in parents attempting to remove books from school libraries because they cover LGBTQ+ themes or anti-racism. I support the continued presence of these books in school libraries and I urge you to resist calls for book censorship. Thank you.

-Please click here to see more actions to take from the Americans of Conscience Checklist

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