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Social Justice Corner:

Our Congregation Gets a BIG Pat on the Back.  As shared in the latest issue of Kukui lamalama, ReClaim Our Vote works to help people vote and counter voter suppression efforts, especially in the South.  By September 30, members of our congregation and their friends will have written 3250 postcards, roughly a quarter of all the postcards written for this organization from Hawaii.  The Social Justice Council would like to thank everyone for this great effort.

Want to do more to increase voter turnout? ReClaim Our Vote would love phonebankers and they provide great training:

Write letters for Vote Forward (  Hand written letters to others encouraging them to vote appears to be one of the most effective methods known to boost turnout.  And SJC has extra stamps for you.  Email Hilary at for more information.

Save the date. On October 11 at 11:30, Camaron Miyamoto, director of the LGBTQ+ Center at UH Manoa, will provide a training session to help us understand the beautiful ways gender and affection are expressed among our siblings and how to welcome, encourage, and support all who come to our ohana seeking a spiritual home.  This important training helps us maintain our status as a welcoming congregation, so your attendance is greatly appreciated.

Other developments.  

  • SJC is working to block the construction of another jail.  Because jails produce bad outcomes and are extremely costly to build, maintain, and operate, communities across the nation are finding ways to reduce their jail populations through bail reform and innovative diversion programs. We strongly recommend that Hawai‘i join the national trend.  Stay tuned for more information and how you can help.
  • SJC is concerned about food insecurity due to the pandemic and that CARES money will not go to those who need it most.  We are exploring development of a bill to get EBT cards for groceries for the unemployed and others in high need.  Stay tuned for more information and we hope you’ll be ready to write more postcards expressing your support.

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