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  • Tune in for a real conversation this Thursday, 4/29 at 7pm, about what public safety means, and how it is best achieved with special guests Ken Lawson and Minda Yamaga and moderated by Carrie Ann Shirota. This is the first of a series of conversations around reimagining what public safety looks like. Many people think of a police response when they hear “public safety”, but often times police are not the best response for the situation and can lead to more harm. Our goal in this series is a reimagined public safety system – one that moves away from enforcement where it can be avoided, and toward vital services to communities that need them. Link to event:


  • The Write Here! Write Now! campaign deadline to write letters to the US Senate in support of the Justice for Black Farmers Act (recently introduced as S. 300) and the Climate Stewardship Act (just re-introduced as S.1072) has been extended to May 10. Please take a few minutes to send in a letter today!  Click here to learn more and here to sign the letter (super easy).


  • Newsworthy: Maryknoll School students hosted a donation drive for menstrual hygiene products at our church.  To continue with the effort to help end period poverty, learn more about the Ma’e movement.

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