Social Art as the New Cathedral – New Group Forming - Archived

There is some interest in starting a third group of “Social Art as the New Cathedral” and we are exploring whether there is enough interest to do so.  The date and time have not been determined as we hope to find a time that works for everyone who would like to take part.  The group will meet once per week for 1.5-2 hours for 8 weeks.  We are aiming for April and May as the time frame.  It is important that the participants start together and commit to attending all sessions.

The gatherings will explore finding profound experiences in being together, through our relationships with one another.  The primary art form we will practice is the art of conversation. Additional social arts may include social painting, clay sculpture, weaving, movement, singing, poetry, and/or playback theatre.  The art form is the vehicle for building intimacy rather than a craft to be perfected.

Please respond to this notice if you are interested in participating, even if the April/May time frame does not work for you.


Beth Beyers  *  *  (360) 752-5776

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