A Time of Light

Sandra Armstrong, President of Sof Ma’arav, our longtime sibling community, will guide us in a deeper understanding of Hanukkah on this first day of the Jewish Festival of Lights!

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One Response to “A Time of Light

  1. “Conversation is a form of prayer, opening us up to the divine in the other.” This is a paraphrase of what you shared with us in this service. Thank you, Sandy, for reminding us of how we can deepen our relationship with your religious community. Sof Ma’arav and the Unitarian Church of Honolulu have been in partnership for 50 years. Is this milestone not worthy of a celebration? I grew up in a Unitarian congregation in Niagara Falls, NY. Each year at Passover, our Sunday School and the children of Temple Beth El would join together for celebration. When this pandemic passes, imagine what joy would be released if our two religious communities were to renew our friendship through a celebration of food and dance.

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