Good Grief


The great utterance of the sage, Charlie Brown “good grief” reminds us of what this time of year can hold for many of us. Alongside celebration comes grief for many of us. But what does grief offer us?

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  1. Than you for that beautiful and powerful Yule Wreath Candle ritual (can’t recall exactly what you call it). I’ve told out congregation in Walnut Creek, California about it, and I wanted to see it one more time.
    We have a beautiful Advent candle-lighting ritual ourselves, which we employ to share and celebrate out UU values.
    I read the title “Good Grief” and hope that the two Peanuts/Guaraldi classics, “Linus and Lucy” and “Christmas Time is Here” will be a part of the service.
    [I liked your Chalice Lighting.]
    BTW, Guaraldi’s sole surviving Trio member, his drummer Jerry Granelli is still going strong, continuing the legacy. Of course, Benoit has long carried the torch.
    [Great story. We call it “Time for All Ages.]
    [Gorgeous flute!]
    When my piece “3 Miniatures” was rrecorded, my producer commented that the cats were channeling Vince Guaraldi, and I agreed. Here’s the piece. As part of my Cantata Missa Tikkun Olam, it’s prefaced by a brief a cappella intro.
    [WAO. Wow indeed.]
    Peace and blessings from Vallejo, Mare Island Bio-region, California,
    and Aloha,

    P.S. Nice duet (still watching)

  2. Did Rev. T.J. really say that the earth stopped at the moment of solstice? That’s what I thought he said, but when I was telling a friend about the sermon, we went … “What‽” (That mark after “What is an interrobang, and if your message retrieval system doesn’t recognize it, sorry. It’s a legit character, with and ascii code and everything.) So I looked it up. Here’s what Wikipedia says: “The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (“sun”) and sistere (“to stand still”), because at the solstices, the Sun’s declination appears to “stand still”; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s daily path (as seen from Earth) pauses at a northern or southern limit before reversing direction.” So, the sun’s declination appears to stand still. I’ll have to wait until the sermon is posted and listen or read (you provide a transcript, right?). Good on you, though, for making me think. A dangerous thing, but generally fruitful.

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