Second Sunday Lunches resurrected - Archived

Sept. 9.  The Board will be serving Japanese Vegan Curry and rice.  $10 suggested donation

Second Sunday lunches have been enjoyed after church for many years.  The proceeds from the lunches support members of our church going to General Assembly in June to Spokane, Washington.

We will all have an opportunity to participate in this community lunch.  This is the plan:

4-6 cooks will make the same vegan or vegetarian recipe at home for 12-15 people.  The theme – Meatless around the World.

One person distributes the recipe to the others (and may supply spices).  Sunday morning, the cooks bring in the cooked food.

Sooo when you see the sign-up sheet,  please sign up for cooking, set-up, clean-up for at least one Sunday.



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  1. Will this change the 2nd Sunday hospitality commitments for Chalice Circles? Lower Manoa is slated to do 10/14. Pls advise. I will also talk to Board members as I see them at church. thanks

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