Our Sanctuary is Open Today – October 3

Dear Loved Ones,

Our hearts ache for those families, friends, loved ones, and all members of our shared human family devastated by the events of the past days in Las Vegas. Answers or solutions in these times are not always clear and are rarely simple. But responses in the face of such actions often include coming together.

Our chalice is lit and our church will be open all day today for people to come and be together in our space for quiet prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Beginning at 5 pm, our singing bowl will be rung every minute for 59 minutes, in memory of each of the 59 lives lost so far in Las Vegas. With the final minute of silence reserved for hope in a tomorrow free from such horror.

Please share this invitation with whomever you so choose. All are welcome in our space.

Yours in Hope and in Love,

T. J.