Rev. Mykal Slack Delivers the 2022 Berry Street Essay - Archived

More Faith, Power, and People: Breaking the Cycles That Separate Us From Unitarian Universalism

Perhaps more than any other time, it matters that we go beyond the surface of what our Unitarian Universalism espouses to be on paper and into who it calls us to be within ourselves, in communities we all home, and out in the world.  What does it mean to give our bodies, minds, and spirits over to the possibility of a fiath living out the very best parts of itself?  And how do we support one another, as religious professionals, lay leaders, congregants, an community partners, to not just envision, but actually live into a Unitarian Universalism that is robust, innovative, dynamic, and worthwhile for ALL of us?

To listen/watch:  (Rev. Slack begins speaking at approximately the 23 minute mark.

Brief History of the Berry Street Essay: The Rev. William Ellery Channing, Minister of the Federal Street Church of Boston, invited all Massachusetts ministers known to be liberal to meet in his church (whose entrance was on Berry Street) on May 30, 1820. At the meeting Channing urged upon his colleagues a “bond of union” among liberal Christian ministers, within which they might meet to exchange practical ideas for strengthening their ministries.

The ministers adopted a few simple rules for ensuring free and broad discussion at an annual conference, and also the means of each year asking one or two from their group to come with prepared remarks – or an essay. Thus was initiated the Berry Street Conference which has convened every year save one (during WWII) since 1820, and thus is the Berry Street Essay the oldest lecture series on the North American continent.

For more history:

Submitted by the 8th Principle Task Force

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