Archived: Rev. Dr. David Usher – Minister in Residence – Sunday Service – Nov 5, 2017

Spiritual Economy.  There are twenty four hours in the day for all of us.  How might we best spend that time to grow our souls?
David Usher is a native Australian and a lifelong Unitarian.  He spent four years as a jackaroo in the Australian outback before travelling the world solo for a year and a half, during which he succumbed to the call to ministry.  He recently retired after 36 years in the ministry, mostly in England but also twelve years in the US.  He was the founding President of The International Council of Unitarians & Universalists, and is the author of two books.  He has three adult daughters from his first marriage, and in August 2016 married the Rev. Vail Weller, also a UU minister who works for the UUA in Stewardship & Development.  He now lives in San Mateo, California.