Pride Comes to UU in Stonewall Stories. Come Audition for this Awesome Play - Archived

Pride Month in Honolulu is October.  We UU’s are participating in the Pride Parade on Oct 19.  Let’s continue the celebration with a play, Stonewall Stories, written by Carol Polcavar, a member of the Kakaako Chalice Circle and directed by Sujatha Raman.  

The play with music has been performed in NYC and other venues to great success. It’s a moving and powerful play based on interviews of people involved in the infamous Stonewall riots of June 27, 1969. 

Audtions: Saturday, Sept 28 2:00pm to 6:00pm  Location: TBD

Characters include:

  • Tommy –  German/Polish background, talented artist
  • Williamson – flamboyant, working class 
  • Jeanne – Italian, tough, butch
  • Rusty Rose – from Long Island, naive
  • Sylvia – guy who often dresses as female, lived on the streets, alcoholic
  • Cop

Two performances will be held Oct 25 and 26th at The First Unitarian Church. 

Tickets will be $20 and actors will be paid from box office.

Please contact director, Sujatha Raman, for more info and updates on audition location and to express interest. or 347-515-2397.

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