Pledge Now for Fiscal Year 2020/2021 and Here’s How - Archived

Pledge Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Season opened on Sunday, May 17th during the worship service. To make your pledge please call one of the four Pledge Team Members (see names and phone numbers below) or contact Carla Allison @ or (808) 396-1488.

For some of you, making a pledge will be a new experience. Feel free to call any Pledge Team Member to ask questions.

2020/2021 Pledge Team Members
Liz Aulsebrook
(808) 384-3579

Junko Davis
(808) 724-4747

Carolyn Eaton
(808) 536-4205

Nancy Schildt
(808) 225-2744

To read the Like Never Before: Your Annual Pledge letter and/or access our Stewardship and Giving brochure which answers many questions about pledging, simply click here: 20-21 Like Never Before and Giving.

And be sure to watch these wonderful testimonials from our Honorary Pledge Drive Co-Chairs, Eleanor Kleiber and Troy Underbrink.

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