Please Join Us: Nov 20th Transgender Day of Remembrance - Archived

This impactful event memorializes and celebrates the lives of transgender people taken too soon by murder, acts of violence, or suicide across the world.

  • Hawai’i has the largest population of people per capita that identify as transgender, roughly 8,450 individuals or 0.8% of the population

  • The “Hawai’i Sexual and Gender Minority Health Report 2018: A Focus on Transgender Youth” shows that 1,260 youth, 3.3 percent of those surveyed, identify as transgender or gender nonconforming, and that transgender youth are eight times more likely to face housing instability and four times more likely to have been sexually assaulted than cisgender youth

  • 40 percent of transgender youth in Hawai’i engage in high-risk behaviors and 50 percent have attempted suicide at least once in the past year

  • The people of the Aloha State are asked to remember and honor those whose lives were lost to hate crimes, anti-transgender fear, discrimination and violence, and reaffirm our commitment to fight transphobia, and promote understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals.

Source: Gov. Ige’s 2018 Transgender Day of Remembrance proclamation



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