Planned Giving Team formed - Archived

Many of you may be aware how critical end-of-life gifts have been to the financial health of this church. In order to encourage and facilitate such gifts in the future the Board has directed the formation of a Planned Giving Team, whose current members are David Davis, Nan Kleiber, and Nancy Young.

This is an especially advantageous time to consider such a new gift, since the UUA has set up a Collaborative Campaign Legacy Challenge matching program, called “Wake Now Our Vision,” that will return 10% of every promised gift (up to $10,000) immediately as cash to the church from which it comes. The Unitarian Church at Shelter Rock has generously donated $5 million in matching funds to this effort to end in July of the year 2020.   In the Fall edition of UUWorld (p55) it was stated that $3.3 million have already been used to match gifts from other UU congregations, so we need to act before the funds are depleted.

You will be hearing more about all of this from the Planned Giving Team, meanwhile please consider how you might participate by promising an end-of-life gift to this church.

Below you will find links to a brochure describing the program, answers to more detailed questions, and a pledge form to apply for matching funds for your gift.  If you have more questions please call David Davis, (808) 724-4709.