PCD Fall 2022 Chalice Lighter Call - Archived

Chalice Lighter Invitation for Proposals
Is your community expanding your welcome?
Can we provide each other financial support for our efforts?
If your answers are YES!, please submit a proposal for the upcoming PCD Chalice Lighter call, and sign up to be a Chalice Lighter!

Who can propose?
Any UU congregation or community in Northern California, Hawaii, and North Western Nevada.

What kinds of projects do Chalice Lighter grants support?
Any project that expands our welcome and removes barriers to participation in our life saving movement, especially projects for which a little support from neighbors, financial and otherwise, would make a large difference in outcome.
There is more background information on the PCD Chalice Lighter program on the PCD website which now contains mostly historical information.

What is the size of a Chalice Lighter grant?
The Fall 2022 call will be able to provide grants from $500 to $25,000.

Who decides which proposals will be funded?
The PCD Board will make a list of one or more projects to fund through the Winter 2022 Chalice Lighter call for donations. The Board’s goal will be to optimize the impact of the $25,000 or so that we expect to have available.

When will funds be disbursed?
Grants will be awarded in April, 2023.

How does a community submit a proposal?
Please fill out the following google form by October 18th, 2022 at 3PM PT: Proposal for a PCD Chalice Lighter Grant 
These are the questions in the google form:

  1. What is the name of your community?
  2. What are the names of your contact persons, their preferred pronouns, and their contact information?
  3. What is the project you seek funding for?
  4. How much money do you hope to receive through a Chalice Lighter grant?
  5. How will a Chalice Lighter grant make a difference in expanding your community’s welcome?
  6. If your community receives a grant, will your contact persons let the PCD Board know what the impact of the grant was within a year? Here is a Google form for that: Chalice Lighter Grant Impact Report
  7. How will your community encourage members and others to become Chalice Lighters and contribute to this and future Chalice Lighter calls for contributions?
  8. What else would you like to share?

How does a person become a Chalice Lighter and contribute to a Chalice Lighter call?

Anyone can make a one time donation at the PCD Chalice Lighter One Time Gift Page.
Anyone willing to commit to an annual contribution of $60 or more to support up to three calls a year may sign up on the PCD Chalice Lighter Automatic Giving Page.

With many thanks,
Your PCD Board

Rhiannon Smith :: she/her/hers

Regional Administrator
Based in San Diego, CA
(720) 937-3604

Unitarian Universalist Association
Pacific Western Region
P.O. Box 567, Brighton, CO 80601
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