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It is time for us to gather. The Pacific Central District’s Annual Business Meeting will take place via Zoom on June 12th, 2021, at 2PM Pacific Time, 11AM Hawaii Time.

How shall we continue to support ministries that belong not to individual UU communities, nor to the Unitarian Universalist Association as a whole, but to the community of communities that have a shared history as a District?

As individuals, all UUs are welcome to register for the meeting here: https://www.cognitoforms.com/PacificWesternRegionUUA/PCDVirtualAnnualMeeting2021

To vote in the meeting, UUA member congregations need to provide credentials for delegates here: https://www.cognitoforms.com/PacificWesternRegionUUA/PCDDelegateCertification2021

During the meeting, delegates will be asked to:

1. Conduct the essential business of the district as agreed to in the PCD Bylaws:

  1. Review and accept minutes from the 2019 Annual Business Meeting.

  2. Elect Board members who will steward the District’s financial resources, and collaborate with Regional Staff and volunteer leaders from the other Districts of the Pacific Western Region to transition into a new model of governance.

  3. Elect nominating Committee members who will identify and cultivate future leaders from the District.

  4. Approve a provisional District Budget for the 2021–2022 fiscal year.

2. Provide a mandate, or not, for the Board to restructure the District in the direction outlined in proposals from the current Board and refined through conversations among all participants at the District Business Meeting.

Links to reference materials for the meeting will be provided in this Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wB02atGarJhRt2NsrnrTryF7rT3fRIn8OeJGSJGqzpE/edit?usp=sharing

The PCD Board and Regional Staff are working toward having key reference materials in their final form by June 5th, 2021, a week before the meeting.

The context in which the annual business meeting is taking place is rapidly evolving even as many of us are being stretched to our limits. Please bear with us as we get material out to you.

In short, the Board wishes to focus the purpose of the District to funding ministries that belong collectively to the UU communities in the PCD, and relinquish its other historic functions to new initiatives emerging in the UUA. We ask for your support.

Specifically, the Board wants to ensure that PCD’s Youth Ministry Consultation Project has the short and long-term resources it needs to succeed. This project brings together youth, emerging adults, religious educators, parents, ministers, UUA/Regional Staff, and other UUs as co-equal partners in a process of reconciliation with a shared hope of creating vibrant and healthy youth ministries in our area.

We also wish to maintain continuity of a bequest to the District that currently benefits the District, the First Unitarian Church of Oakland, and Starr King School for the Ministry.

Perhaps there are other ministries that uniquely belong to UU communities in the Pacific Central, now and in the future, that will benefit from collective support.

If there are specific questions for the Board, please reach out to us individually or collectively at pcdboard@pwruua.org. It would help us learn what we need to communicate before we gather.

With gratitude for all the love you offer the world, and for all among us who will be celebrating Eid, may there be many blessings.

Catherine Ishida
On behalf of the Pacific Central District Board

Cat Ishida
Roger Jones
Bob Klein
Clovice Lewis
Bob Miess
Max Parrish
Maddie Tuning

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