Parking Kokua Requested - Archived

It has come to the Parking Committee’s attention that some challenges regarding church event parking have arisen. This happens especially regarding people who do not attend the Sunday service, but come afterward to attend a meeting. If you arrive after the service, the best place to park would be on Jack Lane or Niolopa Place. However, if you do end up parking on the church grounds, in the back of another car, please remember to place your name on your dashboard. It is very likely that you will end up having to move your car, so that whoever is parked in front of you will be able to leave. The volunteer parking facilitator needs to know who you are, so that he or she can easily find you inside the church. Parking is often a challenge in our small space. Let’s all work together as a loving ohana on this. Parking is a chance for us to practice our important We>i attitude.