Our Whole Lives Facilitator Training for 7th – 9th Grade and 10th – 12th Grade - Archived

The overall goal of Our Whole Lives is to create a positive and comprehensive life span educational program that helps participants gain the knowledge, values, and skills to lead sexually healthy, responsible lives. This Facilitator Training Workshop will introduce and provide practice in using the Our Whole Lives Program for 7th – 9th Grade, and 10th – 12th Grade. The Facilitator Training workshop concentrates on values, methods, and educational techniques.

The training focuses on HOW to teach the material, and less on the content materials of the programs, which are covered extensively by the curricula for the two age groups. We will concentrate on values and methods, and on how to adapt the materials for different audiences, youth of different ages AND their significant mothers, fathers, guardians. The OWL classes involve children and their parents and care-takers.  Participating in this training does not obligate you to become a facilitator, nor does it obligate us to ask you to become a facilitator.   For more information, please contact Nan Kleiber [nankleiber44@gmail.com].  The training will be Saturday-Sunday-Monday, February 15-16-17, 2020, at the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu.  

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