Ordaining T.J. and celebrating together! - Archived

Saturday the ordination service was a beautiful testament to T.J., his ministry, and to this church.

Here are a few images– and a short video of T.J.’s blessing of the fantastic feast brought by members and friends.

click here to see the video blessing

2 Responses to “Ordaining T.J. and celebrating together! - Archived

  1. It was indeed a beautiful and inspiring ceremony honoring our beloved minister, one we will all remember with great fondness. It was auspicious that for that one day in the middle of almost two weeks of grey and rainy weather, the sun came out for T.J., for all of us!

  2. Few of us expected to shed the tears of relief and joy that we did. There was a lot of fast borrowing of kleenex. This ceremony was OUR’s AND T.J’s. an experience made real by its simple, genuine beauty.

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