An Opportunity to Make a Difference for UU Children in Our Partner Church – Oct. 1, 2017 - Archived

Yes, I almost always have my hand out, reaching for help. This time it’s for the children of our Partner Church in the Philippines. The situation of these Unitarian Universalists in the rural Philippines would be greatly improved by having funds to cover school expenses for their children. $50 for an elementary school student, $100 for a high school student, and $400 for a university student. This is an opportunity for us/UUs to provide practical assistance for building their future and the future of the UU Churches in the Philippines.

In honor of this ASK, you are invited to attend the Sunday Service, at 10 a.m. on October 1. The Rev. Arman Pedro will be speaking about Unitarian Universalism in the Philippines. The offering will be donated to our Partner Church. This will be followed at 11:30 by an amazingly wonderful Filipino lunch: Chicken adobo, pancit, guisantes, relish, rice, salad, and other wonders as yet unknown. The price of this delicious lunch is $15 for adults, $10 for teens, and $5 for children. This is another part of our fund-raising, and all proceeds from the lunch go to support education for the children’s education.

The next item will be a good-bye cake for the Gillis-Davis family, who are moving to St. Louis, departing Sunday evening!

And then, at 1 p.m., Rev. Pedro will present a workshop about his work with women’s groups, especially UU women, creating income-generating programs. All are welcome, especially you!

Donations to our Partner Church may be made through the Church website Click on ‘Donate’ at the upper right of the screen, and select UU Partner Church – Philippines. Checks can be made out to the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, with UU Partner Church – Philippines on the ‘memo’ line. Together we can build the future for the families in Caican.

Mahalo, Nan Kleiber and the Partner Church Team
Here’s a photo of the children in the Caican UU Congregation, Negros Oriental, the Philippines. This is our UU Partner Church. Please notice the UU in the cement block construction. This was the group that welcomed me, and the Rev. Rebecca Sienes, when we visited Caican in May, 2016.