Now Streaming: “Brother of Exiles” with Kevin Block - Archived

For anyone who missed the ‘olelo premiere of our Now That You Asked Me episode for this month, our church’s YouTube channel now hosts the interview for anyone interested in seeing it. There is so much in this time we get to spend with Kevin. I hope many of us will take the time to hear more about how faith in these islands works in the lives of our friends and neighbors.

You can view the episode by clicking here: Now That You Asked Me, Episode 53 – “Brother of Exiles” w/ Kevin Block

Or right here:

3 Responses to “Now Streaming: “Brother of Exiles” with Kevin Block - Archived

  1. A very powerful personal story from Kevin Block brought forth by Rev TJ through good questions and very thoughtful answers. Excellent interview.

  2. A tumultuous life as the path to wisdom, completeness, and happiness for this remarkable individual, skillfully revealed in this Inspiring interview.

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