Our New Minister is visiting.

Our 10 month, 1/2 time contracted minister is scheduled to start on Sept 1.  T.J. Fitzgerald will be visiting us Aug. 9-14.  Contact Nancy Schildt if your team would like to meet with him and get acquainted.  This is a social visit.  More about him will be published.

2 responses to “Our New Minister is visiting.

  1. Hi Nancy, SJC had a back and forth with you about Saturday the 12th. I suggested lunch that day, Catherine suggested paella dinner at her house. (yum) I cannot make that dinner– have a guest arriving. Since TJ is staying in Kailua– maybe he could have lunch with me and we could discuss communications as well as SJC. Then he could have dinner with the others? Would that work?

  2. HI – I just want to say that I think that you are so lucky to be getting TJ. He’s a great guy. I’ve been attending First Unitarian in Portland for several years and have gotten to see TJ in action – so much enthusiasm, fun and committment. My son lives in Kailua and I’ve been to your church once and everyone was very welcoming. I visit my son at least once a year if not more often so will make a point to visit the FUH next time I come. Thanks for hiring TJ and helping me to bridge my Portland- Hawaii worlds.

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