New exhibit at Gallery on the Pali opens June 22 – Paintings by David Luchak - Archived

Honolulu’s Gallery on the Pali announces an  exhibition of paintings by David Luchak – Hawai’i Visions – Realism and Abstraction

The exhibition will run June 22, 2019, through Friday, August 2, at GOTP, located at the First Unitarian Church at 2500 Pali Highway.

The opening reception is on Saturday June 29, 6-8 pm. The public is invited.

Gallery Hours (Closed Monday and Saturday): Tuesday through Friday 9 am – 2 pm, and Sundays 9 am to 1 pm.


David Luchak is offering a selection of his recent plein air landscapes and abstract paintings at the Gallery on the Pali, June 22-August 2, 2019. These light filled paintings express the moods and mystery of Hawaii’s bountiful beauty. Vigorous brushwork and sumptuous paint create a feeling of generous abundance. This artist’s high spirited Aloha infused work gives back. They refresh the heart and nourish the soul. Familiar places are energized with renewed vitality. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and the unfamiliar becomes familiar. Spirited color with expansive compositions create an open feeling of freshness that invites your spirit to enter, relax and enjoy.

The abstract paintings broaden the artistic interpretation of nature’s abundance of forms. Colorful shapes and expressive lines interact to create bright lively images that stimulate the mind’s eye and capture the imagination. The more you look at these paintings the more you’ll see. They intrigue, evoke and inspire.

For more  information, please call the First Unitarian Church Office at (808) 595-4047 or e-mail

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