Moral Tales: “The Teacher’s Wise Test” - Archived

Aloha everyone! Our second session in Spring Virtual RE program has been uploaded!

What does the little voice inside you say?

Does it take courage to listen to it?

Listen to this Buddhist tale about a teacher’s test to his students and think about a time when YOU had to do the right thing.

-Your RE coordinator Carmen

3 Responses to “Moral Tales: “The Teacher’s Wise Test” - Archived

  1. Love everything about your presentation. Music, backgrounds, fadeins, story, voice.Hope it will be accessible in a more permanent location on website not just under news. Mahalo. Thinking of you.

    1. Hi Nancy- yes! There’s a spot under “learning” and youth programs for the spring videos! Thanks -C.

  2. Beautiful. Important lesson. Wish we were all taught and understood this from a very young age.

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