Ministerial Transition Task Force small group meeting – Nov. 4, 11:30 AM - Archived

Small group meetings are an important element of the decision process to call Rev. T. J. to be our settled minister. Many members have already had an opportunity to reflect on questions relating to our church community and Rev. T. J.’s role as minister. This has happened through Chalice Circles Covenant Groups, and a meeting on Sunday, October 21, after church. We have scheduled another meeting, because we want everyone’s voice to be heard in this process!

The Ministerial Transition Task Force will facilitate a small group meeting for the purpose of gaining feedback from members who haven’t yet had the opportunity to share their perspectives with us.  Please come to the Sanctuary [no stairs!] on Sunday, 11/4 at 11:30am to participate in this important process!

If you’re not able to join us, please use the link below to share thoughts and feelings in writing:

When we have heard as many voices as possible, the Ministerial Transition Task Force will review the responses from individuals and groups, and make recommendations to the congregation about how to proceed.

Members of the MTTF are Martina Queenth, Eleanor Kleiber, Jane Raissle, Kathy Kaknes, Cheyne Hill, Bill Scarvie and Nan Kleiber [chair].  Please contact Nan if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, rude remarks, etc.