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Message from Your Congregation President

If we didn’t already know…we sure know now…what a talented, creative and reliable staff we are blessed to employ at First Unitarian!  Not all churches experienced the immediate redesign and implementation of day to day operations, but that’s what was accomplished here, and without full time staff. From Sunday worship to Religious Education to Office Administration, staff, teams and the Board have come together to ensure we are cared for and stay connected during this time of unprecedented physical distancing.  Special thanks to Rev. T.J. for launching and hosting great connection opportunities with the weekly Tuesday 6pm Pau Hana and Friday 10am Coffee Hour. Everyone is going above and beyond so please show extra compassion toward our staff and teams and be generous with your praise.

Below find information and updates of what’s being planned and implemented to ensure we continue moving forward with our mission to Grow Compassion, Justice and Joy. Not all questions will be answered here so stay tuned, more details will come.  Feel free to contact me with concerns or questions. Carla Allison: or 396-1488.


2020/2021 Budget Preparation:  Budget preparation is underway.  Many thanks to teams and committees for submitting requests.  A plan is being put in place to communicate and answer congregant questions once the budget is approved by the Board.


2020/2021 Pledge Drive:  Thanks to Liz Aulsebrook, Junko Davis, Carolyn Eaton and Nancy Schildt for offering to serve and redesign our pledge process to fit the current needs of our congregants and church.


2020 Annual Meeting:  The Annual Meeting has been moved to June 14.  The Board will be discussing the potential need to hold this meeting virtually vs. in-person.


Annual Report:  Attention all team/committee/task force chairs, it’s time to prepare the annual report for your group.  Submission deadline is May 25. On May 26th our Office Manager will begin compiling the report.  No reports will be accepted after May 25th.


Pledge Statements: For those of us with remaining pledge balances for the 2019/2020 church year ending June 30th, statements will be sent by the end of this week.  To reduce check handling and virus exposure to our Office Manager, the best way to pay is via our church website @  Click the DONATE button at the top of the home page.  There you can pay via credit card or via your bank account.  Please contact me if you would like assistance walking through the process.  And yes, your checks mailed to the church will still be accepted though processing may be delayed a bit as our Office Manager is working primarily from home.


Monthly Magazine:  Got stories of kindness and generosity within our church family? Working behind the scenes on church projects?  Please share by submitting articles and pictures for April’s Kukui Lamalama to editor Jane Raissle at Deadline is Sunday, April 19th.

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