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Our next volunteer rotation for Family Promise with Nuuanu Congregational Church (NCC) is scheduled for Sunday evening, August 26, 2018 thru Saturday evening, September 1, 2018. We especially invite some of you who have not volunteered yet to consider starting with this upcoming rotation.

For Sunday, August 26, 2018, dinner hosting will be provided by NCC volunteers. And Friday the Boy Scout Troupe meets at Nuuanu will provide the meal.  We UUs are responsible for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Please sign up.  Get a group together to prepare the meal.
What do you do?  Make a main course, salad, veggies for 20 people.  NCC makes the rice and provides the drinks.  You can bring dessert if you’d like but not necessary.  It’s easiest if you prepare the food at home and bring it ready to serve, but you can prepare at the church if you’d rather.
This is a kid friendly event since you will be eating with the families and their children.  There is a basketball court to play on before and after dinner so it can be a lot of fun.
You can also do  overnight hosting (which includes eating dinner with the guest families, with the meal provided by other volunteers, sleeping overnight at Nuuanu Congregational Church, and then helping to make coffee and put out simple breakfast foods provided by Nuuanu Congregational Church).
So we UUs are responsible for 5 dinners and 7 overnight hosts.  We do this 4 times a year since the families rotate to different churches weekly.  This is a wonderful program that gets homeless families (one parent has to be working to participate in this program) off the streets while staff assist them with looking for housing, teaching essential life skills and providing a safe place for the non-working parent and younger children to spend their day.
Please email Lisa Wong Jacobs to sign up at to sign up or call/contact Catherine Graham at 741-4317 or for more info.

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  1. Yes, we love to cook, eat, and share. We volunteer to cook for Family Promise on 9/1/2018.

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