Little Bear Craft Kit Instructions - Archived

Little Bear Craft Kit 




As Unitarian Universalists you are absolutely free to choose how you use the items in your Fall RE program craft kit! 🙂 However, if you want some guidance, below are ways in which I thought the program might work, as a “build a bear” inspired character.


  1. Choose your character- a bear, a moose, a unicorn, monkey, whatever you have! Use sharpies or paints to decorate the front of the tiny shirt with a chalice. Ideas can be found easily by searching “chalice clip art UUA”
  2. For each story, color the page that has the character we meet. 
  3. As Little Bear learns each principle, cut out that principle and read it aloud. Place it in the little drawstring bag. 
  4. Decorate your bag with sharpies or paints- if using paints place a paper in the middle so it doesn’t glue itself shut. 
  5. Tie the piece of yarn onto the dowel. Twist your pipe cleaners into fish shapes and let your character pretend to “fish for principles.” 
  6. Cut out circles from red felt and leaves from green, glue onto Goose & Ganders page 
  7. Color and cut out Mouse and glue onto the wood craft stick to make a stick puppet. 
  8. Paint/decorate stars and put on string during the camping part of the story. Save them and hang on the Christmas tree!
  9. Easel: tiny self portrait at the end- ask them to draw or paint themselves doing something kind for the Earth.
  10. For Principle 8: Decorate the backside of the shirt with a Love Wins or Black Lives Matter message. 
  11. BONUS: make a cardboard box “tent” for your character’s camping trip

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