Letter from Robinah

Aloha Unitarian Universalist Community in Hawaii,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the church for welcoming me with warm hearts to
the Unitarian Universalist Community. Your unconditional love, support and warm embrace has
made me feel loved and welcomed; this has kept me going through tough moments. Thank you
so much for believing and supporting me with my social, emotional and above all, educational
needs. I (WE) have finally made it; graduated in May, this year!

It all started when I met Nancy Young at the Poor People’s Campaign, she opened her house and
introduced me to everyone else. Since then, things have indeed changed for the good. Despite
being the only person outside Uganda from my village and family, I feel I have gained another
family here. It’s very warming when Nancy (Mother figure) and Reverend Mike Young (Father
figure) introduce me to their friends as their “kid.” What fascinates me most is that we all have a
story of our lives to tell, but I will leave this for another day. Today, I just want to say, THANK

Among the hurdles I had to face from losing a sponsor to my mum being diagnosed with stage 2
cancer, and the weight of my whole family in Uganda in terms feeding, school fees, rent, medical
treatment, etc., resting on my shoulders; I at least managed to pull through with your support.
Thank you so much for supporting a person like me who without your generosity and kindness,
would not have made it this far. Thank you for the opportunity to change my family’s situation
and my community’s; I am proud to say that the sky is the limit!

A quick update! I am glad to say that I received my student work permit this month and it will
last for a year. I hope to use this opportunity to gain experience in my field and bridge the gap in
both worlds through information sharing and resource mobilization. Secondly, due to the
richness of my program, I have been added to the FOCUS discussion group of my town (Gulu
District) and soon to be city come 2020. It is a group that is made of leaders and individuals
interested in discussing developmental issues. I believe this platform has a potential of effecting
positive change. In addition, I have been nominated to be a board member in a sustainability-oriented
organization based in Gulu as well. I attend these meetings by phone now.

Finally, a special thank you to everybody who donated money and made the culmination of my
studies a possibility. Thank you, thank you to the Unitarian Universalist church community!

Robinah Gibola

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  1. Love you, Robineh. You have enriched our lives enormously. We can only truly welcome someone who is open and receptive. You sure made it easy.

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