The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu recognizes that quality education is necessary to achieve health, happiness, and economic independence for individuals and families;

We see the relationship between ineffective education, low graduation rates, failure to prepare students for 21st century careers with homelessness, the likelihood of imprisonment, and many other social justice urgencies.

Further, we understand the inequality created by affluent families accessing private and high-achieving public schools in privileged areas while economically disadvantaged families must rely on public schools in their communities;

Enhancing all public schools to support individual student learning needs and involving their families equalizes opportunity;

THEREFORE, We declare our support for and our intention to protect and improve public education for all.

THEREFORE, We pledge to work to raise funds for public school programs, support member mentorship to disadvantaged students, support teachers, effective teaching conditions, fair teacher compensation, and pursue opportunities to improve education for all.