Jubilee Anti-Racism Workshop for BIPOC via Zoom March 17, 18 & 28th - Archived

DRUUMM, (Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries) invites DRUUMM members and Black, Indigenous & People Of Color Friends to attend:

Jubilee Anti-Racism Workshop for BIPOC via Zoom

Facilitated by Dr. Paula Cole Jones, Dr. Leon Spencer and Lutricia Callair


Friday, March 17th, 8pm-10pm Eastern

Saturday, March 18th, 1pm-6pm Eastern

Wednesday, March 29th, 8-10pm Eastern (Attendance is encouraged but not required.)


$50 USD for DRUUMM Members

$100 USD for BIPOC friends

We believe it is the Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color (BIPOC) who will express the highest goals of the Beloved Community. We will accomplish this by establishing solidarity among us. While we may have different ethnicities, we have a shared experience of exclusion and marginalization under white supremacy. Because we experience oppression and exclusion from different vantage points, it is important that we understand who we are to one another. What have we come to know about our history and individual experiences under white supremacy that informs our collective experience?

The Jubilee anti-racism trainings utilize a multiethnic socialization model in a dynamic process that highlights the impact of systemic racism in our identity development within our unique ethnic and racial backgrounds. How those experiences shape our relationship with each other as a BIPOC community. We believe that when we are able to appreciate the richness of our various ethnic experiences, we can develop the skills and resources to address, together, the toxic impact of racism in us as individuals, our congregations, and in our communities. We believe that BIPOC UUs are part of the context for changing Unitarian Universalists present accountabilities. How do we thrive in these changing times? As we change the future, we change the history. What legacies are we creating for the next generations?

Join us for the 9-hour intensive offered over three days.

Dr. Paula Cole Jones is based in Washington DC, and is a longtime lay leader at All Souls Church. She is a co-founder of the 8th Principle campaign and a past President of DRUUMM.

Dr. Leon Spencer is based in Georgia and is a retiring professor of psychology with a focus on racial identity at Georgia Southern University. He has served on the UUA Board and as co-President of the UUA.

Lutricia Callair is based in North Carolina and leads the Center for Healing and Wellness. She is a longtime Unitarian Universalist and anti-racism trainer.

Lutricia Callair, Dr. Leon Spencer & Dr. Paula Cole Jones

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