International U/U Collaboration Update - Archived

Dear Friends,
This email is being sent by the Leadership & Design Team for International U/U Collaboration, who carry on the exploration and transition begun by the International U/U Collaboration Group of the UU Partner Church Council and the International Council of U/Us. You are receiving this message as a past recipient of emails from those organizations.
Thank you for your support of this ongoing work as we find new ways of being in relationship and sharing our resources. You can read this message, meet the team, and find regular updates on the Leadership & Design Team website.
Message from the Leadership & Design Team for International U/U Collaboration. Follow the image's link URL to read the message online.
 In Faith,
   Zsolt Elekes, Romania
   Elias Ortega, United States
   Ailen Pestañas Esogon, Philippines
   Roux Malan, South Africa
   Juban Lamar, India
   Liz Slade, United Kingdom

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