Hope for Us Q&A Session, Sunday March 17 11:30AM - Archived

The congregation of First Unitarian Church of Honolulu has expressed to its Board that many in the congregation are hurting and have a desire for healing and to learn to resolve conflict.  In response to this request, your Board has been investigating ways that we can provide assistance.  One such program we have investigated is Hope for Us, which is available through the Pacific Western Region UUA Congregational Life Staff.    

On Sunday, March 17 after service, Connie Goodbread from the Hope for Us program will be available to give an overview of the Hope for Us process and answer questions.  It is critical for us to have as many congregational participants as possible if we adopt this process.  Please attend this informational session as we determine if Hope for Us is the right fit for our congregation.

Here is an intro to the Hope for Us program.  You can find a full description of the program at  HOPE for Us at a Glance.pdf.

You are probably looking at Hope for Us because your congregation is experiencing a conflict of some sort. Conflict can be exhausting, frustrating, disheartening, and disorienting. And yet, it can also be an opportunity for growth, deeper understanding, and a renewed commitment to our deepest values. We’re glad you are ready for help and that you’ve reached out. 

HOPE for Us coaching team is made up of religious professionals and lay leaders hired by the Unitarian Universalist Association.  They work with Congregational Life Staff to assist member congregations in identifying issues and working through the issues into wholeness and vitality. Coaches are chosen based on the qualifications and sensibilities necessary for the work required, including excellent communication skills, the ability to hold many realities as true at the same time  and the ability to uphold the highest levels of confidentiality. 

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