Happy Kids Habit # 1: Be Proactive - Archived

Happy Habit #1: Be Proactive–You’re in Charge

Let’s Listen to the Chapter Story, “Bored, Bored, Bored”:

Let’s talk about it!


Let’s try it!


Let’s Make it a Game!

Beating Boredom Bingo:  Brainstorm activities that you can do when you feel bored.  Draw or write these activities in each square of a bingo sheet (favorite activities could fill more than one square 🙂  Place Bingo Card in page protector and hang with marker some place easy to find (refrigerator?) Use dry erase marker to cross activities as you do them–When you’ve crossed off all activities–erase and start over!

Feel like sharing what you’ve done?  Contact Irene at 688-3616 to set up a quick FaceTime or  zoom meeting.  Stay tuned for Group meetings to join:)


Further food for thought…

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