“A HĀ Moments-Breakthroughs in Learning and Living” stories from Hawaii educators making a difference are now online.

Visit “A HĀ Moments-Breakthroughs in Learning and Living” to read the stories and see videos of Hawaiian student programs from the July 30th Sunday Service. Three outstanding educators joined me, Nancy Young, Lorraine Fay and Lee Curran in presenting this program.

When do we have Aha! moments? When we are comfortable, have confidence, and pursue an interest. What we need for Aha moments is supported in our UU 7 Principles plus our church-adopted 8th principle.

Learning can make a difference, spark positive identities, bridge inequity, stem incarceration and other negative outcomes. The Hawaii Department of Education is delivering a program called “HĀ”– that seeks to create the conditions students need to learn. The elements of the HĀ program align with our UU principles.

This caused me to bring these women to tell Aha! moment stories from their work: (Please go to  “A HĀ Moments-Breakthroughs in Learning and Living” to read of their work and see videos of their programs.

Amy Perruso, National Board Certified Social Studies Teacher, Secretary of the HSTA (Hawaii State Teacher’s Association) and prime mover in getting the largest national teachers’ union (NEA) to support a letter condemning Hawaii colonialism and pointing to continuing injustice in Hawaii.

Dr. Elizabeth Garrison, coordinator of the “Connecting for Success” middle school program supporting students in economically disadvantaged schools.

Dr. Tammy Jones, coordinator of PLACES (Place-based Learning and Community Engagement in Schools) which delivers programs delving into Hawaiian to students who have been tragically designated as “alienated” from school.

Our collection for the day, $400, went to PLACES to fund programs that engage students in
If you are interested in volunteering to support students in public schools, particularly Leeward schools and Hawaiian-based programs, please contact me. Rev. Deborah Bond-Upson

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