Gallery on the Pali Exhibit – Paintings by Lynne Boyer

Honolulu’s Gallery on the Pali announces “Opposites III, Hungary and Hawaii,” an exhibition of paintings by Lynne Boyer.

Artists’ Reception: Saturday, May 25, 6 – 8 pm. (please mention in listings)

The exhibition will run May 19, 2019, through Thursday, June 20 at GOTP, located at the First Unitarian Church at 2500 Pali Highway.

Gallery Hours (Closed Monday and Saturday): Tuesday through Friday 9 am – 2 pm, and Sundays 9 am to 1 pm.


Artist Lynne Boyer says, “This exhibit is the third of the series “Opposites” shows at the Gallery of the Pali, comprising my plein-air paintings from two opposing sides of the Earth – Hawaii and Hungary. For this exhibition, ”Opposites III,” I selected some of my more recent works that focus on a looser plein-air style than some of my older works. This style is expressed by the generous application of thick paint and gestural strokes. With these paintings, I also closely examine the values, colors, and light of a scene to effectively reflect them on the canvas.

The Hungary paintings are from my favorite time of the year there when all the fall colors are on full display. Here in Hawaii, my subjects are the beautiful beaches of our Island State. This year, I am playing more with capturing a moment of time in a bustling city street scene or a crowded beach, preserving the fluidity of the scene. Besides the works teaming with life, this exhibit includes pieces depicting peaceful country scenes, such as landscapes from the wine country near the beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary, or the serene charm and power of the surf rolling in and crashing upon the lava rocks at Three Tables on Oahu’s North Shore.

Creating artwork that gives back the feeling of a sense of place or moment in time is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience for me, and I am hoping that you will find pleasure in viewing the pieces exhibited here.

For more  information, please call the First Unitarian Church Office  at (808) 595-4047 or e-mail On the web @

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