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GA 2023 Theme: Faithfully Becoming
The theme for General Assembly 2023 is “Faithfully Becoming.” We continue to live in times of transition and change; so much is in flux. The COVID-19 pandemic upended our lives, our communities, and the world. It made clear the devastating and deadly impacts of longstanding racial and economic disparities. The ongoing losses and threats from climate change (of which the pandemic is not unrelated), growing authoritarian movements and the rolling back of fundamental human rights – these all present tremendous challenges for our lives, our children, and our future.
Many feel worn out and overwhelmed. But times of significant change can also be moments of opportunity and possibility. Major shifts are happening. Our theology and our values as Unitarian Universalists are needed.
This General Assembly will be an exciting moment demonstrating the ways we are called into Faithfully Becoming.
We are at a threshold moment for our faith, and will choose the next path in our journey. We will consider new articulations of Article II (including our Principles and Purpose) and elect a new President to lead our Association. These are decisions that will shape who we are and how we respond to and grow through these times. These changes offer us possibilities for becoming more connected, courageous, inclusive, generous, and continuing our ongoing journey of becoming Beloved Community.
Call for GA 2023 Program Proposals
ga attendees watch a virtual presenter from a large screen in a ballroom
Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal for either virtual or in-person programming for the 2023 Multi-platform General Assembly. Presenters from historically and currently marginalized communities, including people of color and youth, are encouraged to apply. Proposed programs should provide meaningful opportunities for learning and skill development, as well as address one or more of the following focus areas:
  • Becoming Adaptive and Resilient: Programs that equip congregations and leaders for these changing times. What is needed for congregations to nurture adaptive and resilient practices and to lean into change and experimentation. What new practices or programs are gaining momentum, engaging leaders, and fostering community for all ages, including children, youth and families.
  • Becoming Theologically Rooted: Create opportunities for people to engage and deepen their understanding of our liberating theology and how it can offer hope, resilience and courage for these times.
  • Becoming Skilled in Faithful Praxis: Opportunities to skill up in our justice work, to move beyond paternalism to partnership and solidarity in our justice work and to partner across congregations and nationally for change.
  • Becoming Connected in Community: Opportunities to embody our community of communities through programs that bring people together around affinity and identity and theology for sustenance, relationships, care and networking.
The program proposal deadline is Friday, January 13.
Help Us Spread the Word about GA!
Calling all creative thinkers and marketing experts! Join us on Wednesday, October 26 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern / 10:30 a.m. Pacific for a Zoom town hall with the General Assembly and Conference Services team. We will brainstorm ways to boost interest in General Assembly within our congregations. All participants and suggestions are welcome.
Preregistration is required to attend. This is a free event.
We Need You!
Interested in working with the General Assembly team this year? We are currently recruiting for these positions:
  • GA Virtual Emcees
  • GA Worship Coordinator
  • GA Safety Team Members
If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact LaTonya Richardson for more information.
GA Partners Again with Whova Event App
For the third consecutive year, General Assembly will be partnering with Whova, winner of the Best Event App and the People’s Choice Award at the Event Technology Awards. Known as the “Oscars of Event Technology”, the Event Technology Awards are the industry’s most prestigious awards show, dedicated to recognizing the very best in event technology.
Whova is renowned for its networking tools – bringing together in-person and virtual attendees. There are all types of discussions, tips, and photo sharing on the community boards. Attendees can easily network through attendee profiles and one-on-one chat. Attendees can schedule meet-ups to engage and network, both in-person and/or through a video call.
If you have a need for an event app and are interested in the Whova platform, Whova has a referral program that would benefit both you and the UUA.

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