Furniture needed for the third floor apartment - Archived

We would like to furnish the third floor apartment to make it more rentable.  The process of getting furniture around tight corners and up two flights of stairs is very daunting.  It is also an unusual space and would benefit from some staging so that potential renters can more easily imagine themselves living there.  So we want to find out what might be available in the community as a donation.  Please keep in mind that we volunteers also don’t look forward to lifting and maneuvering heavy pieces.  And we would like to create a collection that works well together.  All that is to say that each offer will be carefully considered.  The look we are going for is something called Urban Industrial which will fit well with the unusual layout, exposed brick, metal pipe and a couple very cool rough wood walls.  We’re keeping it very neutral, primarily shades of gray, white and black as well as wood.  Here is a partial list of items:

Queen bed (mattress and frame)

Dresser – low and wide

racks for hanging clothes (there are no typical closets with rods)

Twin bed (mattress and frame) or bunk beds that can also be used individually

Night stands – 3 or 4

Dining table with 4-6 chairs

Sofa sectional, preferably modular (these can be taken apart and are easier to move)

Small writing desks (1 or 2)

Desk chair (on wheels)

Long desk/workstation up to 8’

Bookcases and shelving

Comfy chair or two

Area rugs (5×7 to 8×10)

Floor lamps

Small lamps for nightstands

Free standing bar with 2 stools

If you have something to offer please contact Beth Beyers at (360) 752-5776 or  Sending a photo would be super helpful. Mahalo!

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