Update: FUCH Building Closed Through the End of May


Building Closure Through the End of May

Aloha Friends,

The Board has elected to continue the closure the church to all church meetings or gatherings through the end of May. Please know we do not do this lightly. The risk to members of our own community as well as those in our surrounding community are too great and we will do our part to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak to the best of our ability.

Building Closure – Meetings/Gatherings
This closure means that all First Unitarian events scheduled at the building will be conducted by conference call, by online meeting or cancelled when appropriate. The church has purchased  Zoom subscriptions, the industry standard online meeting service, for use to ensure we continue with online worship, and to be used by our Learning Community.   We rely on the leaders of each group or event to be sure all members are aware of this change, to the best of their ability.

Worship During Closure
We will be conducting worship online via Zoom on Sunday mornings. Please see the Weekly Bulletin and/or NEWS section of the church website for connection information.

Staying in Touch
It is essential that we stay in touch in the coming weeks. We hope you will lean into this opportunity to increase your skills and capacity to connect through online meetings. Our Chalice Circles and Covenant Groups are moving forward using online meeting technology. If you are not connected to one of these groups and would like to be, please contact Carla Allison @ cbm@hawaii.rr.com or 396-1488.  If you are feeling isolated or alone, please be in touch with us so we can get you linked up and connected. Remember, we need one another more at these times.

As new information becomes available we will be in touch with updates. We are relying on group leaders and facilitators to share this information as it’s received. People will understand if they receive information a few times. It only means more people are caring for them.

Be safe and be well.

Yours in love and care,
Rev. T. J. and Carla Allison, Congregation President

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