First Unitarian opening for Worship Services starting Sunday, March 6 – Details here! - Archived


On Sunday, March 6, First Unitarian Church of Honolulu will open its doors for Worship Services for the first time in nearly two years! Your Minister, Worship, Building & Grounds, Building Use, Aesthetics, Music, and RE Teams have been hard at work getting the building and surroundings ready to accommodate our arrival.

While we would like church to be “the way it always was”, Covid has changed things and we have needed to adapt to the new situation. Because Omicron is still lurking, we will be limiting in-Sanctuary seating to only 50 chairs with social distancing. Attendees must be fully vaccinated (including booster if eligible) and efficient K95, KN95, or K94 face masks (see graphic) will be required to be worn at all times during the service.

You can pre-register your vaccination status here (a one-time process) to save time at the door. Also be aware there will be no Hospitality hour after service for the foreseeable future. For the complete re-opening details, please see the Protocol for resuming Worship Services at this link.

As we begin the journey of easing out of our isolation let’s use our pent up energy that has been building since the onset of the pandemic and funnel it now towards creatively thinking about being together again and towards feeding the spirit of our ohana with compassion, justice and joy!

2 Responses to “First Unitarian opening for Worship Services starting Sunday, March 6 – Details here! - Archived

  1. I’m wondering if given Biden’s just announced ban on Russian oil, it might be a good idea to go back to strictly online services. Essentially what Biden has done will result in even larger increases in fuel costs, clearly a regressive economic move which will impact working class folks who need to drive to and/or as part of work. Hawai’i is more dependent on Russian oil than states on the Continent and Rep. Case has requested a waiver, the Mayor of Hawaii County has asked drivers to reduce demand wherever possible. While much is still unclear about this situation, it simply does not seem right that those who cannot work from home are being asked to take the economic hit for U.S. foreign policy. The only sensible move we can make is to decrease demand. While such a policy might seem largely symbolic, it would place us in the position of supporting those hovering near the bottom of the economic system. What we usually assert as an immportant part of our mission.

  2. Aloha! I’m so excited that in person services are resuming! It sounds like between the distancing, vaccinations and masks that everyone will be thoroughly safe. 🙂 Although I’m off island, I’m looking forward to joining you all in person when I return! It will do my heart loads of good. <3

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