February 23, 2020 ADORE (A Dialogue On Race and Ethnicity) meeting - Archived

On February 23rd, the ADORE group will listen to a presentation about The Pōpolo Project by founder and director Dr. Akiemi Glenn. A discussion will follow. Dr. Glenn holds a B.A. in linguistics from New York University and a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. “Her primary interests are in how Indigenous peoples, refugees, captives, migrants, and other diasporic peoples in the Pacific and the Americas use language to construct, navigate, and politicize their identities.” She describes The Pōpolo Project as “a Hawai’i-based nonprofit organization that redefines what it means to be Black in Hawai’i and in the world through cultivating radical reconnection to ourselves, our community, our ancestors, and the land, changing what we commonly think of as Local and highlighting the vivid, complex diversity of Blackness.

A short orientation for newcomers will be held from 11:30-11:40am, with the regular meeting starting at 11:40am and ending at 1:40pm.

Pizza will be available for $1.50 per slice and free childcare will be available as well.

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